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The original frame from when the house was built was still in place and was in surprisingly good condition for it’s 150 years of age.  However at some point in the past the sliding sashes had been replaced by some nailed together frames that held the glass in place.  These were in appalling condition and were falling to bits.

I spent quite some time visiting different manufacturers of windows, getting samples of their profiles and comparing quality, rigidity and price.  I came to the conclusion that price and quality were not related at all.  I decided to buy from a company in Middlesbrough called Omega Windows.  Their windows were as good as the best and yet at a very competitive price.  The owner also gave me some good advice.      A friend of mine who is a window fitter told me that my windows were better quality and cheaper than the ones the company he works for fits.

A wooden frame was fitted to the uPVC window which finished off the inside and formed the window ledge.  I machined all the edges with my router to give a nice finish after these photos were taken.

Test fitting the frame

The frame was then screwed to the brick  When it came to installing the glass and fitting the strip that holds the glass in place, my friend showed me how a rubber mallet is used to lock the strip in place.  If he wasn’t there I probably would have been too worried to hit the strip as hard as was necessary to lock it in.  Once all that was done, expanding foam was injected around the frame to give an air tight seal.

What it looks like from outside.  Must paint the window sill now.

I re-plastered and painted the room, then fitted the architrave.