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One of the wipers on my Triumph Spitfire started to have a mind of it’s own about which area of the windscreen it wanted to wipe.  The wheel box situated behind the drivers side windscreen wiper was not meshing correctly with the rack causing the arm to home in various different positions.  I loosened the large nut that holds the wiper box to the scuttle panel and as expected from performing the same work on my mini, I found that the threads in the aluminium sleeve had corroded, making it impossible to replace the nut.  Even if I could have repaired the meshing problem I wouldn’t be able to reuse the wheel box, so two new ones were needed.

This photo shows the two new wiper wheel boxes.

Doing some research about replacing the wheel boxes seemed to indicate that it was required to remove the wiper motor, rack and all the rack tubing.  I decided to have a go at doing the job without totally dismantling the system.

I removed the nuts holding the wheel boxes to the scuttle panel, then pulled the wheel box shafts inside the car.  I then removed the 2 small nuts from the rear of the wheel boxes as can be seen in this photo.

Working from the passenger side I removed the small end tube and slid the passenger side wheel box off the rack.  I then removed the long middle tube section as can be seen in the photo.  There is a small bend in this tube that goes on the passenger side.

With the long tube removed it was then possible to slide the drivers side wheel box all the way along the rack over to the passenger side of the car and then remove it as can be seen in this photo.

It was only after removing both wheel boxes that I noticed that the new ones were shorter that the old ones.  I noticed that each of the old ones had two plastic spacers and that if the small one was not used then the wheel boxes seemed to fit fine.  I don’t know whether the spitfire is meant to have the long ones or the short ones, but the short ones were a lot easier to fit back on the car.

I put some grease on the aluminium shaft to help prevent corrosion.

Sliding the new drivers side wheel box on the end of the rack.

The drivers side wheel box reattached to the tube that goes to the motor.

The middle section of tube being slid back onto the rack.

The middle section of tube attached to the drivers side wheel box.

The passenger side wheel box re-assembled

Before fitting the sleeve and new nut to the new wheel box I gave the threads a good coating of heavy grease to help protect them for being eaten away by corrosion.  All that was required now was a clean and the refitting of the wipers.