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The near side track rod end ball joint needed replacing on my Triumph Spitfire MKIV.  With the bonnet lifted up this is a very easy job to do.  I left all the wheels resting firmly on the road while the job was performed.  I removed the nut that fastens the ball joint to the hub and then separated the ball joint from the hub.

I then unscrewed the ball joint off the track rod.

Keeping the wheels on the road ensured that the wheels remained in the correct position throughout the procedure.

The new and old ball joints.

I thought it was best to replace the gaiter at the same time.

Screwing the lock nut onto the track rod after cleaning the threads.

I then screwed the new ball joint onto the track rod.  I kept adjusting the position of the ball joint on the track rod until the ball joint would drop easily into the locating hole on the hub with the wheel still in the original position.  I then tightened all the nuts up.