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I started the repair by drilling a small hole in the centre of the back panel which I passed a rope through.  I fastened the rope to a large piece of wood inside the boot.  The other end of the rope was fastened to the tow bar of another car which then was used to pull the panel while I tapped the creases out with a hammer.  These 2 photos show the finish after the panel beating.

You can see in the photos above that the horizontal seam was still a mess, so I cut it all away and welded in some new metal as can be seen in these two photos.

I purchases a second hand bumper, some trim and a pair of rear lights and when painted and all back together, you wouldn’t know that there had ever been any damage.

I use my Spitfire everyday for travelling to and from work.  Unfortunately one day a young lady drove into the back of my Spitfire while I was stopped at some traffic lights on my journey home (I think I interrupted her phone conversation).  The damage looks a lot worse than it was, fortunately the rear wings and boot lid were not bent.