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The handbrake on my Trumph Spitfire MKIV had not been very good since I purchased the car, it had always caused me problems getting it ready for the MOT.  I decided to get on and fix it properly.  The cable that connects the two rear brakes together seemed to have lost its flexibility and was causing tension on the brakes even when the handbrake was off.  This photo shows the old cable next to the new cable I purchased to replace it.

The following photos show the new cable being threaded through the cable guides and through the yolk that connects to the handbrake lever.

I also purchased some new handbrake release springs, since the ones on my car didn’t seem powerful enough.  When the new ones arrived, I could see that the ones fitted to my car were not the correct ones as you can see in the photos below.  Because these springs were too weak and the handbrake cable was kinked, it mean that I was having to slacken off the handbrake adjusters to stop the brake being on while the handbrake was released.  This loose adjustment made the handbrake not work very well when pulled on.

The new cable and springs fitted.

I held the cable with a pair of mole grips while adjusting the handbrake lever mechanism.