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Over the last few months, I have been having problems with oil leaks from the engine in my Triumph Spitfire MkIV.  After initially trying to fix the oil leaks, I have realised that the main cause of them is a large crank case pressure caused by exhaust gasses blowing passed the pistons.  I am now planning on rebuilding my engine, but for now I have decided to swap the engine.  I have purchased a complete block and head which will need all the other engine components transferring from my engine.

My tired engine prior to dismantling.  It’s even looking rather tired.

The carburettors removed. 

The exhaust manifold removed. 

Now to start on the other side of the engine.

The alternator removed.

The distributor and my electronic ignition removed.

The starter motor removed.

The fuel pump removed.

The radiator and fan removed.  The engine mount bolts are loose and the bell housing bolts removed.  The engine is now ready for removal.

A lot of the cooling fins in my old radiator were crumbling away, so I looked out for a replacement radiator.  I bought one through ebay that was described as tested and in good condition.  I fitted it to my replacement engine and filled it with coolant.  Unfortunately a steady stream of coolant flowed from a hole.  I decided to get this replacement radiator recored, so I took it to Master Radiators in Middlesbrough.  £90 and a day later the radiator looked like new.

The replacement engine installed with all the ancillaries from my old engine.

To get the timing correct the distributor needed rotation into a position that stretched the rev counter cable.  I removed the distributor again and checked the distributor drive.  The drive gear was not in the correct position so I removed it and corrected its position.