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For many years I have thought about buying a metal working lathe.  I have never had any great plans for making something specific using a lathe, but there has been the odd occasion where I have thought a job would have been so much easier if I owned a lathe.  So I have finally bought one and have started to play with it.  It is an old Winfield as you can see in these photos.

It came fitted with a 4 jaw chuck, but for ease of use I have also purchased a new 3 jaw chuck.  My first job on the lathe was to make a back plate to fit the new chuck to the lathe.

Here is the back plate being turned to size on the lathe.  The smaller diameter needed to be a very tight fit into the recess on the rear of the new chuck shown below.

Once the back plate was turned to the correct diameter, I cut some studs to screw into the mounting holes on the chuck.  I then put some paint on the studs and pushed the back plate against the chuck, so marking where I needed to drill holes in the back plate.

The chuck fitted to the lathe.