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The near side wing (fender) on my 1992 Jaguar XJS was bubbling near the sill.  A poke with a screwdriver revealed hidden holes.  The rest of the wing was still in excellent condition, so I decided to have a go at repairing this section rather than replace the whole wing.

I unbolted the lower section of the wing so that it could be pulled away from the sill, then marked the section that would be removed.

I used a 1mm cutting disc on my angle grinder to cut out the bad section.  Everything to the right of the section cut away was still in perfect condition.

I cut a piece of steel and bent it to match the curve on the lower part of the wing.

I used several magnets to hold it in place while I tack welded it in place.  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the welding.

I originally planned on trying to salvage the original edge of the wheel arch from the section cut out, but I decided to have a go at fabricating a new one in the end.

The newly fabricated section welded on.  the wing is still unbolted from the from the body of the car at this point , so the bottom of the wing is sitting proud of its eventual location.

A thin coat of filler to smooth off the welds and fix any distortion.

A few coats of primer.

First layer of the Flamenco Red polyester base coat

Three coats of 2K NON-Isocyanate lacquer.

Repair finished.