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An eccentric good friend of mine is into diving in a big way.  While visiting his family on a fairly usual damp day, he asked me if I would like to have a go at diving with him in Plymouth Sound.  Not wanting to let him think I was too scared, I showed some enthusiasm and so we headed off to the coast.  Here is a photo of him wriggling his way into his orange dry suit with all his warm clothes on while I put on one of his wet suits.

Here I am attempting to walk backward into the water for the first time.  This is not as easy as he made it look, I think he gave me two left flippers.  I was expecting the water to be very cold, but was pleasantly surprised how warm I was in the wet suit.

After a few minutes feeling like I was about to suffocate, I managed to relax and enjoy the dive.  We stayed under the water only for about half an hour, but managed to see some interesting sights.

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My friend is currently investigating the protected wreck of the war ship Coronation that sank of the coast of Plymouth in 1691.  See the link below to see how his study is progressing.