Discovery TD5
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Handy Howie
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Engine: 2.5 TD5
Year: 1999
Colour: Kinversand
Gearbox Temperature Sensor
Gearbox Temperature SensorDisco_gearbox_temp.html
Starter Motor
Starter MotorDisco_Starter_Motor.html
Gear Selector Switch
Gear Selector SwitchDisco_Gear_Selector_Switch.html
Auto Transmission Fluid
Auto Transmission FluidDisco_gearbox_fluid.html
Front Wheel Bearing
Front Wheel BearingDisco_wheel_bearing.html
Brake Overhaul
Brake OverhaulDisco_Brakes.html
Steering Box Adjustment
Steering Box AdjustmentDisco_Steering_Box.html
ABS Three Amigos
ABS Three AmigosDisco_ABS_Fault.html
Leaking ACE Pipes
Leaking ACE PipesDisco_1999_ACE_Pipes.html
Nanocom Diagnostics Tool
Nanocom Diagnostics ToolDisco_Nanocom.html
Engine Oil Filters
Engine Oil FiltersDisco_Oil_Filter.html
Steering Column Shaft
Steering Column ShaftDisco_Steering_Column.html
Nanocom Update
Nanocom UpdateDisco_Steering_Column.html
Tailgate Step Repair
Tailgate Step RepairDisco_Tailgate_Step.html
Drag Link
Drag LinkDisco_Drag_Link.html
Rear Wiper Motor
Rear Wiper MotorDisco_Rear_Wiper_Motor.html
Clock Bulb
Clock BulbDisco_1999_Clock_Bulb.html
Warped Exhaust Manifold
Warped Exhaust ManifoldDisco_1999_Exhault_Manifold.html
Bell Housing Rattle Noise
Bell Housing Rattle NoiseDisco_1999_Bellhousing_Rattle.html
ACE fluid leak
ACE fluid leakDisco_1999_ACE_leak.html
Leaking Drive Shaft Seal
Leaking Drive Shaft SealDisco_Drive_Shaft_Seal.html
Steering Box Swap
Steering Box SwapDisco_1999_Steering_Box_Swap.html
Harmonic Damper Pulley
Harmonic Damper PulleyDisco_1999_Harmonic_Damper_Pulley.html
Snapped Front Coil Spring
Snapped Front Coil SpringDisco_1999_Front_Coil_Spring.html