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When I purchased my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 the passenger side rear electric window didn’t work.  I could hear the electric mechanism operating inside the door, but the window didn’t move.  I removed the door interior panel and the plastic water seal sheet.  The problem became easily visible, as can be seen in the photo below.  The metal channel that connects the glass to the window control mechanism had rusted away.

There is meant to be a bracket attached to either end of the channel that bolts to the electric mechanism.  There is also supposed to be a rubber sleeve that goes between the glass and the metal channel, but this had also come out.

I formed a piece of fairly thick sheet steel around a piece of steel bar to make a channel of similar size to the original.  I also cleaned up the original brackets and welded them to the new channel.

I unbolted the window frame from the door and removed the glass from the frame.  I cleaned the original rubber and inserted into the channel and then pushed the channel firmly into position on the glass.  The window frame was then refitted to the door and the window mechanism re-connected to new channel.  The electric window mechanism now works as it should.