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The rear windscreen wiper on my 1999 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 stopped working after after the wiper got frozen to the window.  The fuse hadn’t blown, so I thought the wiper motor may have burned out.  The only way to find out what was wrong, was to disassemble the wiper motor.

The interior panel removed.   There are lots of plastic clips that hold the panel on.  Quite a number of them broke taking the panel off.  I bought a bag of 20 of them so that I could put the panel back on.

The plastic cover unclips off the gearbox.  It was a bit dirty inside, but nothing was seized.

The self parking switch unclips from the side of the gearbox.

I gave the contacts a clean.

I took the cover off the motor.  Everything looked OK.  I gave the commutator a clean while it was in bits.

I put the motor back together and applied power to the connector.  It worked fine.  I regreased the gearbox and fitted it back to the car.  It has continued to work fine.  All I can presume is that one of the contacts I cleaned was causing the problem.