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When I purchased my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 there was quite a strong vibration each time the car reached about 70 mph.  If I pulled the handbrake on slightly the vibration instantly disappeared.  I presumed that it must have been caused by wear in the universal joint on the rear prop shaft since the universal joint is very close to the handbrake drum.  A quick look underneath the car instantly revealed what was causing the problem.  The rubber coupling on the rear propshaft was almost falling to pieces.  I can’t imagine that it would have lasted much longer.

I drove the car onto some wooden blocks to raise the car a few inches to gain a little more room and then chocked the wheels.  I then removed the 6 bolts that fasten the coupling to the prop shaft and the rear diff flange.  The prop shaft had to pushed forward to release the prop shaft from the centre pin on the diff flange as shown in the photos below.

The old rubber coupling after removal.

The job was so much easier with my two little helpers.

It was then just a matter of fitting the new rubber coupling, making sure that the bolts were fitted in the same direction that they were removed.

While the propshaft was free, I checked for play in the universal joint, it was fount to be OK.