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I bought my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 from a friend.  Before he sold it to me he had been having problems with the ABS light coming on periodically.  The Land Rover specialist that he usually takes it to for servicing has claimed that they had fixed the problem, but the light eventually came back on.  I presumed that the front wheel bearing was probably at fault even though I couldn’t feel any play in it.  I bought a new hub ready to be fitted when I could get time.  The months passed and I would occasionally need to reset the ABS using my Nanocom, the fault always being the front passenger side.  Just recently there was strange noise coming from the front passenger side corner, when coming to a stop.  During use that day, the noise was getting worse, so I decided that the following day I would replace the hub.  Sure enough, there was now a lot of play in the wheel.

I removed the wheel and un-staked the hub nut.  I then put the wheel back on so that I could safely undo the hub nut.

I disconnected the ABS connector that is fastened to the inner wheel arch,  pulled the cable through the hole in the arch and unclipped it from the cable guides.

I then removed the brake calliper and carrier by unbolting the two star shaped bolts on the hub.

The brake calliper resting on the track rod.

Unscrewing the screw that holds the brake disc in place.

The brake disc removed

Unbolting the four bolts that hold the hub to the hub carrier.

Using a 3 leg puller to pull the hub off the drive shaft.

As can be seen here, the inner bearing had collapsed.  The rollers were lying in different directions and had some deep grooves in them.

The hub carrier and brake disc cover plate were still solid, but quite rusty, so I used my needle de-scaler to remove the thick rust before painting it.

I also cleaned the bolts using a wire brush.

I then put some Loctite 638 on the spline before fitting the new hub.  I put one of the bolts in that hold the hub on then tightened the hub nut to 360lb/ft

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