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My 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 still had the EGR components fitted and operational.  I have read a lot about the usefulness of exhaust gas recirculation and have come to the conclusion that if working correctly EGR can possibly give improved efficiency on a petrol engine, on a diesel engine it only has negative effects on efficiency and engine life.  I investigated the possibility of totally removing the EGR components, but decided instead to just block the outlet from the exhaust manifold.

I removed the engine cover and radiator cover as shown in this photo.

The photo above shows the 4mm thick EGR blanking plate, gasket and replacement stainless steel screws I purchased.

I then removed the two bolts that secure the stainless steel EGR pipe to the front of the engine as shown in this photo.

Getting to the screws that fasten the EGR pipe to the exhaust manifold was a little more difficult, but I managed using the arrangement of tools in the photo below.

Once the bolts were removed, I cleaned the face of the exhaust manifold then installed the blanking plate with the gasket on the exhaust side.  This was quite a fiddly operation in such a tight space.

The job done, now no more exhaust gasses and soot being sucked into the inlet.