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While adjusting the steering box on my Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5, I disconnected the drag link to allow me to check for any roughness while moving the steering wheel.  While it was disconnected, I checked the ball joints.  Unfortunately both ball joints were worn and needed replacing.  I decided to buy a new drag link instead of trying to unscrew the old ball joints.  I am please I made that decision, because the old ball joints were totally seized in the drag link.

The new Lemforder drag link

I put some copper slip on all the threads before fitting it to the car.

The ball joint connected to the steering box.

The damper connected to the drag link.

The new drag link connected to the steering box.

Fastening the drag link ball joint to the near side wheel hub.  Here I have an allen key holding the ball joint tapered shaft while tightening the nut.