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The time had arrived to service the brakes on my 1999 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 again.  The rear brake discs had become badly corroded on one side of each disc, which was an indication that something was wrong.  Upon disassembling the brakes, the cause of the corrosion was obvious, one of the slider mechanism pins was seized on each of the brake mechanisms.  I cleaned the pins with a wire brush on my angle grinder and was going to re-use them, but after getting a price for a new set from a Stratstone Land Rover (£16-00) I decided to replace them with new ones.

While the brakes were in bits, I decided to de-rust the components and give them a coat of paint.

The new pins for the slider mechanism and fitted with the new rubber gaiters.

Examining the front callipers revealed that the gaiters were torn and needed replacing.  While they were still connected to the car I pumped the brakes to push the pistons out as much as possible without them coming out.

I prised the the pistons out the remaining distance.

I decided to clean the callipers and paint them before fitting some new seals. I used my needle de-scaler to remove the majority of the rust, then used a wire brush attachment in my angle grinder.

I then cleaned the groove where the gaiter fits using a small drill fitted with a small cutting wheel.  This made fitting the new gaiter a lot easier.  I left the old seal in place during the process so far to ensure the slot it fits in did not get damaged.

The painted calliper and a piston ready to be installed in the calliper.