Front Coil Spring
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One of the coil springs on my 1999 Land Rover Discovery TD5 snapped at the very bottom.  While replacing the spring, I took the opportunity to de-rust and protect the spring mounts and other components.  I jacked up the front of the car and supported it on blocks of wood so that I could drop the front suspension as low as possible.

To remove the spring, it is necessary to unbolt the bottom damper mount.  There are two bolts, one either side of the damper.

The front bolt came out fairly easily, but the hex head of the rear one was badly corroded which stopped me getting a good grip on it.

At this point I decided to turn my attention to the top mounting.  There are four nuts that secure the turret to the spring top bracket.  I thought I would have trouble with these also, but they came off easily.

Two of the turret nuts are more accessible from under the bonnet.  I had previously purchased a new top rubber mounting thinking that it would have been too bad to reuse, but it was in good condition.

Turning my attention back to the bottom mount, I decided that the easiest way of getting to the stubborn bolt would be to cut the old spring off.  A 1mm cutting disc in my angle grinder made a simple job of removing it.

This picture shows the original break in the spring.

With the old spring out of the way, I was able to get easier access to the stubborn bolt.

I was able to tap on a hex socket which then removed the bolt easily.

Back at the damper top mounting, with the turret unbolted, I was able to position it to get easy access to the large top bolt.

With the spring and damper out of the way, I used my needle de-scaler to remove any loose rust from the mounts.  I then give everything a coat of waxoyl underseal.

To get the new spring in, I needed to undo the anti-roll bar linkage so that the axle could drop down further.  I probably should have done this at the beginning.

The replacement spring fitted.

The original damper reinstalled

The turret back in place and the damper top bolt secured.

The anti-roll bar reconnected and everything coated in waxoyl underseal.