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All the time I have owned my 1999 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5, the bulb illuminating the clock has been blown. Prior to replacing this bulb I replaced the one in my 1998 Discovery with an LED, this was my intention here, but things didn’t work out quite the same.

The first step to removing the clock was to prise the central locking switch front off.

The switch could then be prised from the dashboard.

The clock carrier was then pulled from the dashboard.

The black shape on the back of the clock is the bulb for illuminating LCD.

I tried to replace the bulb in its carrier with an LED as I had on my 1998 Discovery, however the little connectors on the side of the carrier were made out of something that wouldn’t solder.  I decided to just solder the LED and resistor directly to the clock module.

The clock and carrier pushed back into the dashboard

The central locking switch fitted back into the dashboard.

See how I replace the clock bulb in my 1998 Discovery by clicking here.Disco_1998_Clock_Bulb.html