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My wife was driving the 1999 Land Rover Discovery TD5 recently when the ACE warning light illuminated red.   It didn’t take long to notice that the ACE reservoir was empty and that the leak was from one of the four pipes that come out of the front of the ACE valve block.  The four pipes pass through a rubber mount that secures them to a chassis outrigger just below the drivers door.  I has to remove the rubber mount to be able to identify which pipe was perforated.  Initially I thought I would need to replace the whole faulty pipe, but upon identifying that the fault was with the low pressure return pipe, I decided to cut out the corroded section and replace it with a length of copper pipe.

I scraped the underseal off the pipe in the two areas where I was planning on cutting the pipe.

I partially filled the reservoir with ACE fluid, so that as I cut through the pipe, the fluid would hopefully flush any cuttings out of the pipe.

I cut and bent a length of 10mm copper pipe to match the corroded steel pipe.

The pipes were then connected using a couple of 10mm compression joints.

The reservoir was then filled back up and the engine started.  With no leak detected, the pipes were coated in underseal and the rubber mount refitted.

Apart from saving a lot financially, the fix also saved a lot of time, not having to replace the whole low pressure pipe.