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The rear end of my 1998 Discovery 2 TD5 was making a knocking sound when the body rocked from side to side.  Investigation revealed that the knocking was coming from worn bushes on the Watts linkages.

The Watts linkages can be seen in the centre of this photo.

With the body at normal height, the fuel tank restricts access to the bolts that hold the linkages to the rear axle.  I raised the rear end by putting a jack below the tow bar.

The linkages connect the rear axle to the body and allow the axle to move up and down relative to the body, while keeping the axle centered.

I removed the five bolts that hold the linkages in place and  lifted the linkages off the car.

I initially had trouble removing the first of the bushes.  I tried using a couple of sockets from my socket set and a 10mm threaded bar to drive the bush out, but just ended up stripping the threads on the bar.  I also tried heating the linkage to see if that would help.

Eventually the bush came out

I then remembered that I had an old press ‘Void Bush’ removal tool for a Ford Cortina, which was for bushes of a similar size, so I gave that a go.  The other bushes came out a lot easier.

The bushes removed and the linkage wire brushed to remove the corrosion

Pressing the new bushes in.

All the bushes installed, ready to be refitted.