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All the time I have owned my 1998 Land Rover Discover 2 TD5, the bulb illuminating the clock has been blown.  I eventually have got around to fixing the light.  I clock is removed from the dash by first prising the front off the central locking switch next to the clock, then prising the central locking switch out of the dash.  The clock and surround can then be prised from the dash.

The photo below shows the bulb removed from the clock.  I decided to try replacing the bulb with an LED.  I have a large selection of different styles of LEDs.  I thought that a white wide angled LED would suit this application.

This photo shows the bulb replaced with the LED and current limiting resistor.

The back of the clock.  The hole that the bulb clips in can be seen on the right.

The clock plugged back in to the car for testing prior to re-fitting in the dash.

The components were soldered to the original connectors on the bulb holder.

See how I replace the clock bulb in my 1999 Discovery by clicking here.Disco_1999_Clock_Bulb.html