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The gear stick (shifter) on my daughter’s 2006 Mitsubishi Colt CZ1 was getting very stiff to move from left to right.  I initially thought that there must be a problem with the linkage cables from the stick to the gear box.  However after doing some research on the internet, I found that there is a common fault with the selector mechanism on the gearbox.  A video on YouTube showed how the owner reduced the diameter of a pivot pin by sanding it down.  I personally think that the repair detailed below is a preferable fix.  The photos show the repair and reassembly.  Disassembly is just the reverse of assembly.

The steel hollow pin arrowed in this photo allows the selector arm to pivot.  The pin passes through the aluminium casing which has a plastic sleeve acting as a bearing.

The aluminium had slowly corroded behind the sleeve which then compressed the plastic sleeve against the hollow pin making it difficult to move.

Rather than sand the already thin hollow pin, I decided to remove the aluminium corrosion that was compressing the pivot.

I used a 10mm drill bit to remove the riveted end of the smaller end of the hollow pin.  The photo shows the pin removed from the casting.  The black plastic sleeve bearing can also be seen in the photo.

I then used a junior hacksaw to cut a slot in the plastic sleeve.

The plastic sleeve was then removed.

I cut a small length of wooden dowel and cut a slot in one end into which I slotted a small length of abrasive.

I put the dowel into my drill an used it to remove the aluminium corrosion.

All the corrosion removed.

I added a coat of grease then put the original plastic sleeve back in the casting.

I cleaned up the original hollow pin and used a Torx headed bolt to secure it back in place.  The lever was once again smooth and easy to operate.

To get access to the gear selector, I removed the air box and the battery tray, there are 3 bolts that hold the battery tray in place.

The gear sick moved freely from side to side.