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Many years ago, long before you could buy car MP3 players, I built the MP3 player shown in the photographs below, I mounted this on the side of the boot of my car.  It believe it was a P75 processor, a 1Gb hard drive and had 4MB memory.  The power supply ran from the car 12v battery.  I built the control panel in the photos, this was easily attached using a magnet to a metal bracket on the dashboard.  The keypad allowed the selection of album number and track number, but also allowed the user to start, stop, pause and select random play.  The seven segment LED display showed the album number and track number currently playing.   The MP3 player connected to the auxiliary audio inputs of my car stereo.  As can be seen in to photos, the hard drive was mounted on springs to try to absorb any shocks that may have damaged it.