SECOND Bunk Beds
Handy Howie
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I have eventually got started on the top bunk of the second set of bunk beds.  For the first set of bunk beds I made, I decided to made the top and bottom bunks to be identical.  However this time I decided to make the two beds to have a different design on the legs.  Once they are assembled, I guess I will find out whether this was a good idea or not.

These photos show the first stages of routing some of the joints into the legs prior to turning them

I couldn’t cut the full depth of the joints using the router, so the rest had to be done by drilling and chiseling.

The joints finished and the first stages of turning done on all the legs.

One of the legs completed.  Only 3 more to do.

Just before removing the leg from the lathe.

Test assembled prior to gluing