Bunk Beds
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When my first child was old enough for a regular bed I decided to make one rather than buy one.  I designed the bed so that if I made another exactly the same, either of them would be able to stand on top of the other to make bunk beds.  The foot of each leg is dished at the bottom, so allowing it to sit on the ball at the top of the corresponding leg of the lower bed.

Eventually a second bed was needed, so they are now bunk beds.

The legs are 6 inches in diameter and the base below the mattress is solid wood made from tongue and groove planks, making the complete bed very heavy.  Of course the bunks now needed a ladder, so I made one of those too.

A few years have passed since I made the first set of bunk beds and now the time has come for a second set to be needed.   I have been busy over the last few days making my third bed.   Here is one of the legs, just after being loaded on the lathe.

The same leg after the initial step of turning it cylindrical.  The following photo shows the first stages of the pattern being turned.

The footboard of the bed, test assembled prior to gluing.

The headboard of the bed, test assembled prior to gluing.

Bed fully assembled.  I just have to make another exactly the same to go on top now.