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I was driving home from work one day when my auto box started misbehaving and refused to go into top gear.  I checked the simple things like the fluid level and even removed the valve block, dismantled it, cleaned and replaced it, but the fault remained.  I needed the car back on the road as soon as possible so I purchased a second hand unit and swapped it over.

The old box being lowered to the ground after removing the prop shaft and unbolting the gearbox from the engine.  Working on the side of the road outside the house wasn’t ideal, but it was the best place I had.

The flywheel after removing the torque converter.  Note the gearbox fluid pipe and union hanging down which goes off to the gearbox fluid cooler on the radiator.

The engine being supported at the rear of the sump.  The main engine mounts are still connected, so this is just to stop the engine tipping backward

The replacement gearbox ready to be lifted into place.  I ended up laid on my back underneath it lifting it into place with my arms and legs because it proved too difficult to locate it in the right place just using the jack.

The car supported on blocks of wood just before getting underneath to lift the replacement gearbox into place.

The job was successful and the car was back on the road after spending the weekend performing the swap.